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Xbox One and PS4 Boost Videogame Retail Sales in November

Xbox One and PS4 Boost Videogame Retail Sales in November


Xbox One and PS4 Boost Videogame Retail Sales in November

Xbox One and PS4 Boost Videogame Retail SalesAs expected, the videogame retail sales across the US were bolstered in November by the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft Corp’s Xbox One. The next-generation consoles have also been trying to outpace each other in terms of sales figures.

According to market research firm The NPD Group, the videogame industry generated about $2.74 billion in revenue last month. Those were mostly from sales of software, hardware, and accessories at physical or brick-and-mortar retailers. The NPD Group’s estimate is mainly covering new games and does not include used, online, and digital sales.

It reported that hardware sales jumped 58% last month to $1.33 billion. Software purchases dropped 24%, accounting for $1.08 billion. This may mean that more consumers were more into buying the consoles. It is expected that software sales would increase in the coming weeks and months when gamers start to seek new titles for their consoles.

PS4 leading the pack

Based on the data available for that month, it could be asserted that PS4 was ahead of the game. Sony’s new console is being hailed as the top game console for November, based on sales figures. This was backed by the company’s declaration in the middle of the week that PS4 has so far been its most successful system launch. It also asserted that the launch was also the biggest ever in the entire history of videogame consoles.

In a blog post, PlayStation senior vice president for marketing Guy Longworth thanked every gamer who bought PS4. He also expressed his gratitude to the support of the console’s ‘passionate community,’ which had endured dwindling inventory of retailers during the first few days after launch.

Xbox One’s strength

However, some analysts have noted that PS4’s numbers reflect a ‘slight advantage’ because it launched earlier compared to its rival. Sony released its console on November 15, while Microsoft rolled out Xbox One on November 22. According to them, PS4 generated greater sales only because it was released a week ahead than Xbox One.

An analyst from The NPD Group backed this assertion. Liam Callahan revealed that Xbox One actually sells more than PS4 if one would look and compare sales on average weekly basis.

The research company also pointed out that another player in this segment, Nintendo, has also proven that it still keeps some level of influence. Nintendo’s 3DS handheld device also increased sales by 15% in November year-on-year. This increase could be attributed to greater demand on content.

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