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Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price Increases By 40% In Latin America, Or Is It 50%?

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price Increases By 40% In Latin America, Or Is It 50%?
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Xbox Live Gold Subscription Price Increases By 40% In Latin America, Or Is It 50%?

Microsoft in an email has confirmed the Xbox Live Gold subscription price hike. The charges have been increased by 40%, but some have noticed a 50% hike.

Microsoft has always had a soft spot for Xbox Live Gold members. Free games, discounts and irresistible offers keep coming their way. The company always tries to convince regular Xbox players to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. When such is the case, the news of an Xbox Live Gold subscription price hike in Latin America has come as a shock.

Microsoft informed SoloXboxOne about the Xbox Live Gold subscription price hike via an email. The editorial team received the mail where the company had stated that the charges of Live Gold subscription will be increasing by 40%. The good news is that this new price is applicable only to annual subscriptions, not quarterly or monthly subscriptions. But some users in Mexico are saying that the price has increased by 50%.

Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil are the countries that will be affected by the increase. Spain has been spared. Here comes another good news. The Xbox Live Gold subscription price hike will be effective starting February 18, not immediately.

Xbox Live Gold subscription price hike – Why?

Why has Microsoft suddenly increased the prices only for some regions? Is it because of the exchange rate, or is there some other strategy behind it? There can be two things:

  1. Microsoft wants to quickly increase the number of Xbox Live Gold annual subscriptions
  2. In the long run, Microsoft wants players to opt for short-term subscriptions

Quickly increasing the number of subscriptions can be understood, but why would they want to bring the number down? The chances are, with Windows 10, the games will also be going through drastic changes. If Microsoft has more long-term subscriptions, implementing those changes would become difficult. They will have to keep providing old subscribers what they have always been getting, while offering new services to renewed subscribers. This would be a juggle. To avoid this, the price hike should happen.

And who knows, Latin America might be the beginning. We might also get the same news for our respective regions.

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