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Xbox Live Games With Gold Freebie ‘Tumblestone’ Available Until August 2016

Xbox Live Games With Gold Freebie ‘Tumblestone’ Available Until August 2016
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Xbox Live Games With Gold Freebie ‘Tumblestone’ Available Until August 2016

Tumblestone will be making its Xbox One debut on July 16 through the Xbox Live Games with Gold program. Xbox One Gold subscribers can download the game for free until its promo period ends on August 16.

In Tumblestone, player can hone their tile-matching abilities in Story or Arcade mode. They can then put their skills to the test by participating in the game’s highly competitive local and online multiplayer modes.

Tech Radar reported that Tumblestone drew inspiration from Tetris and Puyo Puyo, aka Puyo Pop in North America and Europe. The game is a fast-moving puzzler that offers a fresh take on a familiar video game genre.

The general concept behind the game is to rid the 2D board of the colored blocks. Players must shoot three of the same color to slowly empty out the board. Speed and accuracy go hand in hand as each wrong move will result in fewer color combinations.

“Both the single- and multiplayer offerings in Tumblestone come off as incredibly substantial modes,” said Destructoid’s Patrick Hancock. “The competitive multiplayer got really heated on the show floor, even with occasional pauses to go into a deep, zen-like thought.”

He added that people who have trouble differentiating red and green won’t get frustrated while playing Tumblestone. The game’s reds and greens are polar opposites as far as brightness is concerned.

While waiting for the release of Tumblestone, Xbox One Gold subscribers can still download The Crew and The Banner Saga 2 from the Xbox Dashboard.

Express mentioned that The Crew can be freely downloaded until Friday, July 15. Meanwhile, the promo period for The Banner Saga 2 ends on July 31. For Xbox 360 Gold subscribers, Microsoft is offering Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Tron Evolution this month.

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