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X Factor UK 2016: Wannabes Cry Judge Simon Cowell May Have Cheated

X Factor UK 2016: Wannabes Cry Judge Simon Cowell May Have Cheated
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X Factor UK 2016: Wannabes Cry Judge Simon Cowell May Have Cheated

X Factor 2016 is facing crisis at present. It has nothing to do with the production but on the wannabes. Those who wish to join the talent competition are now having second thoughts when fix rumors surfaced.

According to Unreality TV, the show was reported to air soon. However, something came up that seems to have a negative effect on the show and its judges.

There were rumors spreading that some hopefuls have connections with the judges. The Brooks brothers were mentioned because they have an indirect connection to the show creator. Their mentor was Simon Cowell’s close friend, Sinitta.

The duo gave out a bland performance during the previous competition that disabled them to level up to the live shows. However, they are said to be sailing through this season.

The link to Sinitta was exposed recently and the show’s team is discussing the fix issue. According to Mirror, some hopefuls were no longer interested to audition because they believe there are some unfair acts happening. They also reveal that the Brooks brothers are given preferential attention on the audition. As a result, they became arrogant.

X Factor denied the allegations on the site that exposed the preferential treatment. The show representative states that all that joins the show are treated well and judged on the merit of their performances.

Every year, the show is rumored to practice nepotism. The show will air this month and that will be the time to judge if indeed fixing happened. Kyle and Josh Brooks’ performance on the show will be in close scrutiny being the subject of the rumors. In fact, they are negatively affected because no matter how hard they tried to do well this time, there will be doubts.

Simon Cowell’s pet show has been a prestigious reality show and has produced performers that have conquered the music world. Watch out for The Brooks performance when X Factor 2016 returns.

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