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WWIII Sees China And U.S. Teaming Up – Alibaba Founder

WWIII Sees China And U.S. Teaming Up – Alibaba Founder
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WWIII Sees China And U.S. Teaming Up – Alibaba Founder

World War III will happen, but it will bring good to humanity, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said. This war will be a different kind of war because the U.S. and China will team up for this, he said.

World War III is coming but not between nations

World War III will not involve nations fighting each other with destruction; rather, it will have all the nations teaming up to defeat poverty, disease and even climate change.

“The third world war is going to happen, and this war is not between nations. In this war we work together against the disease, the poverty, the climate change—and I believe this is our future,” Ma said as quoted by CNBC.

Ma was speaking before an audience during the economic Club of New York. He was in the country to promote Alibaba’s international presence. He was trying to convince business owners that Alibaba could be a channel to grow their business in China and he had fashioned his pitch highlighting growing speculations of the looming third world war.

U.S.-China relations will eventually be solved

Ma believes that the tensions between the U.S. and his country will eventually be solved. He is very much confident that all tensions will come to pass. Ma said that even the all-encompassing South China Sea dispute will end up in reconciliation.

“If you say I don’t worry, that’s not true, but if I worry what can I do. Today some of the relations are like a chicken talks to ducks: Everyone has his own language. If we work together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other. I’m pretty confident,” he said.


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