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WWE Rumors: Kane In Line For Possible GM Role?

WWE Rumors: Kane In Line For Possible GM Role?
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WWE Rumors: Kane In Line For Possible GM Role?

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) in real life is no stranger as far as managing a WWE show. He had his share before under the moniker “Corporate Kane”. With that said, there is a chance he could be named as the general manager of either Raw or Smackdown though such remains to be seen.

Kane, Glenn Jacobs in real life, is no stranger to managing a WWE show. He had his share under the moniker “Corporate Kane” before. With that said, WWE rumors suggest there is a chance he could be named as the general manager of either Raw or SmackDown in the coming weeks.

The WWE brand split is set to take place on Tuesday via special WWE Smackdown Live on the USA Network. It will be a two-hour show that will be a historic one for the company, as fans finally get to see which stars go to WWE Raw or WWE SmackDown.

General Managers For Raw & Smackdown

But before anything else, general managers will be named to represent each brand. According to Forbes, Daniel Bryan has the inside track to be named general manager of SmackDown, which leaves Stephanie McMahon’s choice for Raw a looming mystery.

Could Kane be a candidate? The fact that the demonic one has ties with “The Authority” could be a possibility. The faction died last year though there doesn’t seem to be any friction between Kane or Stephanie.

Either way, Kane looks forward to the brand split. He believes that it will offer WWE stars flexibility and more opportunities per his interview via podcast. The split will allow both Raw and Smackdown to get more creative while setting separate niches without necessarily competing against each other.

Eric Bischoff Hinting Return

Kane’s take somehow echoes the sentiments of another former WWE manager, Eric Bischoff.

In an interview with Wrestlingnews, the former manager believed that the brand split would benefit both shows and improve their creative direction similar to 1997. Bischoff has long been out of the wrestling business but wouldn’t mind returning if given the call.

The WWE is taking a big risk with the brand split move but it is a risk worth taking. The company continues to decline in the ratings game, but Vince McMahon and company hope that the upcoming move will work to their advantage.

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