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WWE Wrestler Paige Suspension Due To Drugs Use With Boyfriend Alberto Del Rio

WWE Wrestler Paige Suspension Due To Drugs Use With Boyfriend Alberto Del Rio
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WWE Wrestler Paige Suspension Due To Drugs Use With Boyfriend Alberto Del Rio

WWE wrestler Paige has been suspended due to alleged use of drugs. This came after her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was also suspended of the same reason.

A report from Heavy said that the 24-year-old wrestler was suspended for 30 days after she violated WWE’s wellness policy. The said policy prohibits the use any sort of recreational drugs an alcohol ban for 1 hours before a WWE event.

Paige’s suspension from WWE will take effect on August 18.

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Paige’s boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was also suspended by WWE when he also violated the wellness policy which was announced hours before the female wrestler’s suspension.

The report is saying that Paige and Alberto Del Rio were busted of using drugs.

Due to their suspension from WWE, Paige and Del Rio will not take part on the “SummerSlam” on August 1 and “Backlash” on September 11.

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Before her suspension, Paige has gone lie low for WWE from the past several weeks to a back injury. Reports are circulating that Paige might also had a nerve damage. She has also been experiencing weakness in her right arm, though WWE has not confirmed the circulating rumors.

She had her last match on June 27 edition of Raw with Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Dana Brooke, Bleacher Report said.

Paige rose to fame when she clinched the WWE Divas Championship at the age of 1, which made her the youngest title holder. She is also the reigning NXT Women’s Champion.

Apart from Paige and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, wrestler Roman Reign was also suspended by WWE for 30 days for violating their talent wellness program.

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