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WWDC 2015: How Apple Wants To Be Better Than Everyone

WWDC 2015: How Apple Wants To Be Better Than Everyone
Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote Ben Miller / Flickr CC BY 2.0


WWDC 2015: How Apple Wants To Be Better Than Everyone

Apple‘s recent WWDC keynote involves tons of new features and services, most of which everyone has seen before.

Apple Music was the biggest news of the day, and it even became bigger when it was announced that the app will also be available for Android devices. Only time will tell if the tech giant will be able to beat Spotify, which already has a formidable fanbase of music lovers.

Moving on, Apple has taken cues from Google Maps by introducing a nifty feature for its own Maps app: public transit directions. This new addition should be a hit among users who commute to work everyday.

What is perhaps one of the biggest blows to Android during the event, Apple has introduced an app for the iOS 9 called Move to iOS, which essentially does what the name says it does. It allows users to transfer contacts, photos, videos, bookmarks, and many more from Android to Apple devices.

Lots of changes come with the new iOS 9, which will be released later this year. The Notes app, for instance, adapts a few Galaxy Note features such as the capability to draw. Passbook, meanwhile, is now known as Wallet. Newsstand? It’s now “News” (Flipboard, anyone?). The new version will also include a low power mode that can or might help save a few precious hours while using the iOS device.

Most of the time, the entire event is Apple itself raising a white flag and admitting defeat against public clamor for originality and innovation.

Instead, the company has taken great leaps to adopt (or copy, depending on how you describe it) some of the best features that made Microsoft and Google well-known in the field.

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