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Weapons With Artificial Intelligence: Russia, China Secretly Dealing With Aliens – Report

Weapons With Artificial Intelligence: Russia, China Secretly Dealing With Aliens – Report
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Weapons With Artificial Intelligence: Russia, China Secretly Dealing With Aliens – Report

While chances of WW3 is increasing everyday, global superpowers have been mounting up their saddles to get ready for war.

It was reported that a third world war has been guaranteed, and it would be “extremely fast and lethal.” Top U.S. officials expressed their beliefs that a full-scale war between nations is the most likely possibility.

Warnings came from Major General William Hix, who had said that WW3 will be distinguishable from the previous ones in many ways.

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According to an early report by Morning News USA, one the most distinguishable features of WW3 would be the use of weapon systems with artificial intelligence. This would certainly speed up the entire process.

However, while the AI war theory gripped people, there are speculations and conspiracy theories regarding Russia and China’s clandestine dealings with extra terrestrials. Recently, a “flying saucer” was captured on the dashboard camera of a car.

The car pulled up behind the crows and started gazing at the apparent phenomenon. The driver came to a stop behind dozens of abandoned cars, while people looked up to see an uncanny dark object in the sky.

According to Express UK, the footage was recorded in Guangzhou, China on April 2016. The footage has gone viral after it was uploaded to YouTube by UFO blogger Scott C Waring.

“Overall this is a fantastic example of a big UFO over China. A crowd builds up in the middle of a highway in the Chinese city of Guangzhou,” Waring said.

“The street quickly becomes a parking lot on both sides as people get out of their cars and start recording the UFO with their mobile phones. I also noticed if you make it full screen – the UFO wobbles as its moving.”

He also said that the vessel was a disk; that’s why it was spinning. It moved as many UFOs are known to move.

A similar situation occurred in Moscow; a shocked onlooker made a mobile footage of something really strange. The footage shows a bright ball of light floating over blocks of flats. It was gradually descending to the ground.

The Daily Star reported that Russian media earlier said the strange object was gigantic and glaring. Some also suggested that it was not the first time this sort of thing was spotted.

After the video went viral, Russian officials refrained from commenting on the strange sighting.

It has earlier been alleged that the Soviet Union were jeopardized by aliens during the Cold War conflict. An UFO expert also declared that Russia has been at war with a secret race of underwater aliens for decades.

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