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US Turns Russia As Scapegoat, FBI Knows About Attack But Stays Silent

US Turns Russia As Scapegoat, FBI Knows About Attack But Stays Silent
Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire. Marc Nozell / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0


US Turns Russia As Scapegoat, FBI Knows About Attack But Stays Silent

Russia’s war is not just with NATO but also with the United States. In fact, more than the military buildup that the United States is contributing to, it has also been painting Russia in a bad light, specifically linking it to hacking issues which some believe to be fabrications of the country to avoid blame.

US Fabricating Stories About Russia

The United States have accused Russia of hacking into its system, particularly linking it to theft of Hillary Clinton’s emails and into the Democratic National Committee’s network. However, not everyone is convinced that Russia really did have something to do with the hack.

“What’s disturbing to us is that experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of helping Donald Trump,” said Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager.

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Mook appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and (covering all bases) CNN’s “State of the Union” in an attempt to tell the world that Russia helped Trump and hacked into their system as reported by Alternet. However, the report noted that the claims are beyond acceptable because they are trying to throw shade at Moscow in an attempt to hide things and support the persisting thought that the country is a threat. 

FBI Knew About the Attack

In another report from Reuters, sources claimed that FBI took months before they were able to warn Democrats about the suspected Russian hack. Specifically, the report said that the FBI did not inform the DNC about U.S. officials suspecting Russia of tapping into the system. Reuters cited three people familiar with the discussions as the sources. Additionally, the FBI did not tell party officials that the organization is looking into the attack as a possible Russian espionage.

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