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War Tensions High! Russian Nukes Amplified, ‘Satan’ Retired

War Tensions High! Russian Nukes Amplified, ‘Satan’ Retired
Meeting on Russia’s Armed Forces actions in Syria President of Russia / Website cc


War Tensions High! Russian Nukes Amplified, ‘Satan’ Retired

Russia is amplifying its nuclear bases, nuclear submarines, and long-range nuclear bombers on NATO, Europe borders. Five missile regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces will be put on alert, armed with modern missile systems in 2016. Its nuclear rocket from the Cold war era, the “Satan,” will be retired as the next-generation RS-28 Sarmat rocket will be heavily tested for deployment this year.

As NATO continues to push ever more eastward, Russia had its nuclear Strategic Missile Forces on high alert. This means that it could launch an attack anytime that it received orders from President Vladimir Putin. As part of this initiative, two strategic nuclear-powered submarines of the Borei class – the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh – went operational. To ensure that soldiers are ready for immediate orders, the Russian Defence Ministry will continue conducting unannounced combat readiness inspections. Additional nuclear facilities will be built in the island part of the Arctic and on the Kuril Islands.

General of the Russian Army Sergei Shoigu said that Russia’s intensification of its nuclear regiments was decided upon after monitoring and analysis of the military and political situation in the world. Russia wants to ensure that it has the timely reaction to the changes of both political and military changes. Russia’s military readiness extends in space, Shoigu said.  “The emphasis should be made on strengthening the potential of strategic nuclear forces and implementing defense and space programs,” he said as reported by TASS. “On the basis of the Air Force and the Air and Space Defense a new arm has been created – Russia’s Aerospace Force. Six strategic missile regiments armed with mobile and silo-based Yars missiles entered duty,” he added.

There had been words about the looming World War 3 to be fought by the United States and NATO versus Russia. Russia had been an old time foe to the Alliance, since the Cold war era. And although there were attempts to smoothen the relations in the past years, it got worst again in March 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. It then escalated to its vilest level when Turkey downed a Russian bomber over the Syrian space.

As the war between these three great players continues to shape up in the horizon, experts were expressing anxiety that Russia’s military might have grown immensely in the past 25 years. It has come to a point where it could undermine the strength of US. Word around town is that a proxy WW3 is actually taking place in Syria.

A comprehensive article published by Military Times discussed how Russia is now showing the great potential of its superior forces. General Phillip Breedlove, chief of the U.S. European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, has particularly noted of Russia’s military advancement in its participation in Syria.  “We see some very sophisticated air defense going into those airfields, we see some very sophisticated air-to-air aircraft going into these airfields,” he said as quoted by the Military Times. “These very sophisticated air defense capabilities are not about [ISIS]… they’re about something else,” he added.

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