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More War Signs: Saudi Sends War Planes To Turkey Against Russia

More War Signs: Saudi Sends War Planes To Turkey Against Russia


More War Signs: Saudi Sends War Planes To Turkey Against Russia

Russia and Turkey continues to worry the world as Moscow now decided to cut gas supplies to Ankara in light of tensions. Furthermore, there are now reports saying that Saudi Arabia may be joining Turkey in its fight against Moscow as it recently deployed warplanes to the Turkish Incirlik air base.

Russian energy giant Gazprom reportedly cut the natural supplies to Turkey’s private sector companies. The supply was reduced to as much as 10 percent because of price disputes according to Turkish energy officials, as reported by Reuters. Furthermore, the cut reportedly comes in light of the company’s refusal to settle the fresh bill from Gazprom. The companies refused to pay the fresh bill because of the higher prices stated. Ankara and Moscow agreed on 10.25 percent price reduction but this was cancelled. Gazprom did not provide any comments on the matter.

Turkey has been relying on Russia for its natural gas imports but the incident last November, wherein Ankara downed Moscow’s warplane, triggered the strain in the relationship along with other negative moves. While the two countries continue to be at odds at one another, each threatening the other of war should things escalate, Saudi Arabia appeared to be siding Turkey. According to a new report from the Financial Times, Saudi Arabia just sent war planes to Turkey’s Incirlik air force base. The move was reportedly in light of the campaign against terror groups in Syia. However, many also see this as an act against Russia since Turkey has been moving against the country in Syria.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish prime minister, declared on Thursday that Turkey will not be following the Syrian ceasefire agreement that US and Russia brokered. “All must know that this ceasefire is only valid for Syria and the warring sides in the country,” the official said. “If any of them poses a threat to Turkey’s security, it becomes non-binding for us,” he declared.

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