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Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter Can Take Down American F-15, NATO Triggers War

Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter Can Take Down American F-15, NATO Triggers War
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Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter Can Take Down American F-15, NATO Triggers War

The world is dreading what will happen should tension between Russia and NATO escalate to alarming levels. Russia seems adamant in making sure its military progress is at par, or better, than the West, which could only spell more trouble for both the U.S. and NATO. Will there be another World War, or is everything just a play?

Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter Can Take Down American F-15

Jet fighters are one of the standards on whether a country can hold its own against enemies. Lately, the American F-15 Eagle fighter to Russia’s Su-35S “Flanker E” have been compared with the results potentially favoring Russia. If Russia has the better fighter jets, it could mean it has better military power and higher chances of winning the war – if any will ensue.

“The Su-35S has powerful Irbis-E passive electronically scanned array radar with a range of up to 400 kilometers; it is also effective against ground targets. However, the F-15’s APG-63 V3 Active Electronically Scanned Array radar is superior—harder to jam, higher resolution and harder to track,” according to National Interest.

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“The Su-35 boasts an infrared search and track system (IRST), which allows it to determine the general position of aircraft within a fifty kilometer radius—potentially quite useful for detecting stealth aircraft at shorter ranges,” the report added.

America’s F-15, on the other hand, does not have an IRST which makes the difference. Furthermore, the F-15 was designed without “stealth” in mind. The Su-35 follows the opposite design.

Ukraine is the Trigger

As for details whether there should really be a war ensuing, part of the trigger for Russia could be Ukraine’s alliance with NATO. Professor Paul Dibb, an Australian Russian expert, said that if NATO considers Ukraine a member, it could be the fine line that separates the world from another world war.

“The red line in the sand is if NATO makes Ukraine a member,” News quoted Dibb.

“That will be seen as a call for war.”

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