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War Erupting As Early As Summer

War Erupting As Early As Summer
NATO ships participate in Baltops Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


War Erupting As Early As Summer

Russia and NATO are increasingly going against each other with what many believe to be Cold War-like scenario. NATO moves closer to the Russian border while Moscow reportedly starts preparing for war.

NATO’s Move Against Russia

Russia just condemned NATO’s decision to grant membership to Montenegro especially with the current tensed situation. Furthermore, Moscow also cited the continuing expansion of the alliance in the Eastern Europe and the Baltics that could threaten national security.

During the fall of the Soviet Union, an organization proposed to build a New Silk Road to connect Europe and Asia through Russia and thereby bringing Eastern Europe and Russia up economically into collaboration, Mike Billington, from the Asia Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review in Leesburg, told Press TV.

The Europeans, however, chose to begin the process of moving NATO right up to Russia’s border, creating a new enemy image in the Russians and to primarily prevent the New Silk Road which could have united the Eurasian nations (Europe, Russia and China), Billington explained.

Russia perceived this move strongly as provocation, he said. Especially that within the years, NATO continues its step nearer to the Russian border.

At present, it has come to a point where all moves coming from both parties are interpreted as preparation for World War 3.

“We are at a point where not only is NATO moving up to Russia’s border but we are watching the most massive deployment of military forces by Obama with the British running this show right up to the Russian border preparing for the World War III, this is recognized in Russia as a preparation for World War III, then Montenegro is just one next step in a long process which is escalating towards an explosion which could happen as early as this summer,” he explained.

Russia Alarmed 

Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, also noted that Russia is now alarmed over NATO’s continued expansion in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. He said that NATO-Russia relations are “quickly rolling back” to the Cold War period due to NATO’s outdated rhetoric, as reported by RT. He said that the Cold War mentality is so far deep that “we were mistaken in thinking it was a thing of the past.”

“NATO is a product of the time of confrontation. It is an instrument created for confrontation. What contribution it can make to ensuring European stability and security is disputable,” Peskov spoke to journalists last Monday.

“We are still alarmed over the expansion of NATO presence and the bloc’s ongoing enlargement towards our borders. This is a source of concern for Moscow and is the reason for a series of predictable, systematic and consecutive steps which Moscow is taking to safeguard its security interests under the current circumstances,” he added.

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