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Vladimir Putin Orders Retaliation Against NATO, US, UK, Canada

Vladimir Putin Orders Retaliation Against NATO, US, UK, Canada
Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference President of Russia/website CC by 4.0


Vladimir Putin Orders Retaliation Against NATO, US, UK, Canada

Now that some of the world’s superpowers have ganged up as part of NATO’s effort to deter any possible threats from Russia in Eastern Europe, Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, is not sitting idly.

In fact, the Russian president has ordered its men to be wary of any possible aggression coming from any NATO-member states, especially the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, as well as Canada.

Ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw on July 10, Russia has conducted a military drill from June 14-22. The drill, according to Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister, is aimed at enhancing and honing its military forces, the Reuters reported.

Germany will send its troops as an augmentation to military forces in Lithuania, the United States to Poland, and a combined force of the UK and France will be deployed to Estonia. Canada, another NATO-member state, is reportedly eyeing to send its troop to Latvia. But Reuters earlier reported that Canada’s participation in this program is yet to be finalized. Canada has yet to issue an official announcement as of this posting whether they would also send their men to any part of Eastern Europe.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, NATO announced the deployment of four battalions in the Baltic States and in Poland. The announcement came amid reports that Russia has been continuously beefing up its military presence in the Eastern Europe.

NATO ordered the deployment of additional troops to augment military support in NATO-member states in the Baltic, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Reports reveal that the marching orders of the deployed military forces in those countries is to counter any aggression from the Russian side, just like what happened when Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 from Ukraine.

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