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US Sends Fighter Jets Against Russia, Germany Goes Against NATO

US Sends Fighter Jets Against Russia, Germany Goes Against NATO
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US Sends Fighter Jets Against Russia, Germany Goes Against NATO

The United States is taking matters into its own hands as it plans to deploy some F-35s near Russia’s border. There have been high tensions between the U.S., NATO and Russia, while the latter may have found an ally in Germany.

Pentagon to Attack Russia?

The Pentagon is reportedly planning to send the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II to the Baltic region to support NATO’s air-policing mission in countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Should this move be approved, Russia would welcome the news in a retaliatory manner. The country has been vocal about its concerns over military buildup from NATO and the U.S. near its borders.

Air Combat Command (ACC) Commander General Herbert Carlisle said that he would prefer the F-35 jets to “do some Baltic air policing” in the event that fifth generation stealth multirole fighter is operational.

The official confirmed that the initiative could happen sooner. According to Carlisle, the matter has been brought to the table to the likes of NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Curtis Scaparrotti, US Air Forces Europe — US Air Forces Africa commander General Frank Gorenc and Air Force commanders in the Baltics. Apparently, the officials may share the same thoughts.

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“As I talked to the air chiefs over in Europe in this past week, all of them are very interested for their own countries to be able to see the visibility of that airplane out doing operational missions,” Sputnik quoted Carlisle.

Commander of the Estonian Air Force, Colonel Jaak Tarien, welcomed the news, saying the country would be willing to host the jets.

“This plane is often referred to as a supercomputer. The F-35 could for instance remain invisible to Russian air-force defense systems stationed in Kaliningrad,” Tarien said.

Germany Sides with Russia

However, despite support from the United States, NATO may have to deal with more division within the organization.

In another report from Sputnik, NATO has not flown the alliance’s white-on-blue flag throughout its considerable Anaconda-2016 war games, which were focused on showing might and European unity against the “Russian threat.”

According to the report, this could only mean that there are divisions within the system. However, one of the reasons for not flying the flag may have to do with Germany siding with Russia rather than NATO. The report noted that a group in NATO comprised of Western European nations headed by Germany is against any military buildup against Russia.

“There were those voices in the alliance that were worried about that signature being too big,” said NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip Breedlove.

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