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US, Russia Friction Leading To Nuclear War

US, Russia Friction Leading To Nuclear War
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US, Russia Friction Leading To Nuclear War

The rising tensions between the United States and Russia could lead to a nuclear war that threatens the whole of mankind, according to a political analyst. Furthermore, the United States appears to be convinced more and more that Russia is becoming aggressive and that it is a threat to be addressed. Will these two nations be the bane of the world?

Leading American political analyst and philosopher Noam Chomsky said that the rumored brewing war between Russia and the United States could be the end of mankind. According to him, the conflict could likely lead to a nuclear war which is bad news for the rest of the world.

“The nuclear threat is the threat of—on the Russian border,” Press TV quoted the analyst. He explained that it appears the two nations “are acting as if an atomic war is thinkable.”

“The US has just sharply increased; it quadrupled military expenses on its side. The Russians are doing something similar. There are constant near collisions, jets coming close to colliding with one another. A Russian jet a couple months ago virtually hit a Danish commercial airliner. US troops are carrying out maneuvers virtually on the Russian border. That threat is escalating and very serious,” Chomsky added.

The United States has this train of thought that Russia has become increasingly aggressive and that the country has started endangering lives.

“It’s clear that the Russians are becoming extremely aggressive in both the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea,” US Department of Defense quoted Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work.

In past weeks, Russia was in the headlines especially after its aircraft decided to perform multiple, aggressive low-altitude flight maneuvers near a U.S. Navy destroyer, the Donald Cook.

Work also added that the Russian were hot and close. This presents a problem when such aircraft go really fast. He explained that the United States will be working on guaranteeing that Russia understands what international waters mean and that the United States will continue operations so long as international laws permit.

“We often go out and look at Russian ships,” he said. “But we generally do it at a safe altitude and without simulating attack runs — that is a surefire way to have an accident, and once an accident occurs, you don’t know what [would happen] afterwards.”

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