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US & Russia Caught In War Games, Threaten World Peace

US & Russia Caught In War Games, Threaten World Peace
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


US & Russia Caught In War Games, Threaten World Peace

Russia’s perceived threat is one that has been concocted by the United States and NATO, according to analysts. In fact, experts believe that Russia’s aggression has been used excessively by the two parties in an attempt to justify their militarized activities, which could otherwise undermine global security. Will the continued war games between U.S. and Russia put everyone at risk?

NATO and US vs Russia

NATO is seen to be the glue that should bind nations together, but the opposite seems to be happening lately. A number of EU leaders including Jens Stoltenberg have been linked to feeding the public with ideas of peace and stability with efforts against Russia.

“But just how disingenuous this talk is has once again become clear over the past month. Because, as part of NATO, those same propagators of pacificism, of postwar never-again-ism, have been showing how committed they are to peace and stability by indulging in military posturing on the increasingly nebulous borders of the EU. Their target, as ever, is Russia; their effect, instability and discord,” Tim Black wrote in his column for Spiked.

Black added that the United States, along with its European NATO allies, have justified their actions along Russia’s borders, because Putin and his country as supposedly dangerous. Most of the time, the United States and NATO put their justifications along the lines of defense even if they believe strongly that Putin is a “mad man” who wants to expand Russia’s territory.

However, it is also important to see that the more Russia is placed under the “conqueror” light comes another argument that the U.S. and NATO are in the same page with their continuous buildup. 

Hope for Peace

Nonetheless, even as tensions rise, there might be hope for reconciliation between the U.S. and Russia. According to CNN, when Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow this week, Defense Secretary Ash Carter may be on the losing end.

Kerry and Lavrov will reportedly discuss a new U.S.-Russian agreement that will cover intelligence sharing and data targeting in Syria. Carter has opposed such coordination previously.

State Department spokesman John Kirby clarified that the two officials will not acknowledge the potential agreement publicly.

“Syria will be front and center; there’s no question about that,” the official said.

“I can assure you that one of the key topics the secretary is going to want to cover with Russian officials is reduction in violence.”

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