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US, Russia On The Brink Of Thermonuclear War

US, Russia On The Brink Of Thermonuclear War
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0


US, Russia On The Brink Of Thermonuclear War

The United States and Russia are butting heads against each other in the European region with each nation threatening the other of possible military consequences. Now, an analyst says that the continued efforts of the West to move towards the Russian border could spark war eventually. Could this be World War 3?

With the US-led military drill commencing off in Romania, Russia has reportedly become angrier over conditions in Eastern Europe. This is not to mention the growing presence of NATO in the area as well.

As when it comes to the war games and whether such present a threat to Moscow, Mike Billington, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review in Leesburg has this to say: “Well the war games are not the threat but the fact is that Obama has totally panicked. He has begun to …, not begun, he is in the process of launching the most massive military build-up along Russia’s border and China’s border in Asia since World War II and it is perceived correctly by Putin and by Xi Jinping as a direct threat of war.”

He also told Press TV: “Now the Eastern European situation is where he thinks he can force the Russians to back down and he will not, he will not succeed.”

Billington went on saying that Putin has actually outflanked Obama. However, with the latter’s decision to deploy missiles into Romania, into Latvia and Lithuania, as well as in Poland, the United States is seemingly provoking Russia to engage into war.

Billington added that Putin will not back down and it is easy to see that there is a threat of war somewhere there.

“We are on the brink of thermonuclear war,” he said.

As Billington noted, people should realize that the Western financial system is crumbling down. As much as the United States look forward to denting the Russian economy, it appears that it has failed, according to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov .

“In America, they said earlier that sanctions will tear the Russian economy apart. Now they have stopped saying this. Inflation has stabilized, reserves are growing, capital outflows declined sharply,” RT quoted the official. Siluanov also said that the country’s inflation slowed down to 7 percent as opposed to 12.9 percent in the previous year.

“We expect it to reduce to about 6 percent by year’s end, or, perhaps, even less,” the minister said.

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