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US Ready to Make Deal With the Devil, Russia Prepares New Anti-Missile System – Report

US Ready to Make Deal With the Devil, Russia Prepares New Anti-Missile System – Report
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US Ready to Make Deal With the Devil, Russia Prepares New Anti-Missile System – Report

Moscow has gone after the United States about sabotaging things in the Syria ceasefire deal. In fact, it appears that the United States is ready “to make a deal with the devil,” as the situation in Syria goes further down the road, sparking concerns that the United States and Russia could go into an all out war.

US Ready to Make Deal With the Devil

Russia just accused Washington of breaking the Syria ceasefire deal, warning that the United States could be responsible for terror attacks in Syria. Furthermore, Russia said that since the United States is not taking action against the Al-Nusra terrorists then it could only mean the country is prepared “to make a deal with the devil.”

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the United States “has never exerted any real pressure on Jabhat Al-Nusra, done nothing for delineation to succeed and taken no action against its militants.”

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“We are becoming more convinced that in a pursuit of a much desired regime change in Damascus, Washington is ready to ‘make a deal with the devil’,” the Foreign Ministry said via RT. In fact, Russia said that in order to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, America seems to be prepared to “forge an alliance with hardened terrorists, dreaming of turning back the course of history.”

Russia Prepares New Anti-Missile System

As if to make things even worse, the Russian military has brought in additional and more advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system into the chaotic nation. A US official confirmed the information via CNN on Tuesday. According to the report, the system, although not operational yet, is considered to be a newer and updated version of the S-300VM, also known as the SA-23.

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