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US Rattled By Russian & Chinese War Jets

US Rattled By Russian & Chinese War Jets
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US Rattled By Russian & Chinese War Jets

The United States is concerned about the resurrecting “aggressiveness” of both Russia and China. The West believes that Russian and Chinese warplanes are now a rising threat. Is World War 3 just around the corner?

Rising Threat

US Air Force commanders have become wary of Russian and Chinese warplanes. If recent reports were any indication, several incidents supposedly highlighted the aggressive flight paths that these warplanes took against the United States. US officials also even called the aggressive interceptions as provocations and a cause of worry.

“Our concern is a resurgent Russia and a very, very aggressive China,” USA Today quoted Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, who leads Air Combat Command. The official emphasized that it is crucial to meet the challenge from Russian and Chinese flights over international space but such feat – even as necessary – could also become dangerous.

“Their intent is to get us not to be there,” Carlisle said. “So that the influence in those international spaces is controlled only by them. My belief is that we cannot allow that to happen. We have to continue to operate legally in international airspace and international waterways. We have to continue to call them out when they are being aggressive and unsafe.”

Stakes are running high. If such incidents continue to happen then there is the risk of mid-air collision. This would only heighten the tensions among the world powers.

“Any accident that occurs while the U.S. military is playing cat and mouse with Russian or Chinese forces could escalate into a real fight,” explained Loren Thompson, a defense industry consultant and military analyst at the Lexington Institute.

“If it does, American victory is not assured, because U.S. forces are operating thousands of miles from home and the other side is near its main bases. Small confrontations can turn into big wars, and Russian military doctrine embraces the use of nuclear weapons to win local conflicts,” he added.

Space war

However, the war may not only be just through international airspace. Rather, some analysts believe that it could go as far as space. According to a new report from SRATFOR, global powers could soon meet in a military flash point in space. The space race has become more competitive with powerful nations trying to militarize every bit of technology.

“The technology, which began to be developed during the Cold War, has become an area of intense competition for the world’s most capable militaries over the past decade,” wrote senior military analyst Omar Lamrani.

“For the United States, being the leader in military space technologies provides immense advantages,” he added.

“At the same time, its out-size reliance on those technologies entails risks.”

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