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US Rattled By Possible Russia, Turkey, Iran Alliance

US Rattled By Possible Russia, Turkey, Iran Alliance
With Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


US Rattled By Possible Russia, Turkey, Iran Alliance

The United States is reportedly trying to block any possible alliance that could form between Russia, Turkey and Iran. The three countries will supposedly unite against the ISIS but it threatens the US’s capability to destabilize the region.

Forming Alliance

Russia, Turkey and Iran plan to work together to fight terrorists in Syria, but that is not registering well to the United States. According to new reports, such alliance will make it easy to defeat the jihadists and take away the capability of the United States to destabilize the region. This alone makes it an agenda for the United States to thwart any cooperation between the mentioned countries.

Iranian political analyst and former journalist Hassan Hanizadeh spoke to Sputnik about the matter. According to reports, Washington has been utilizing terrorist groups on the ground in Syria to divide nations.

US reportedly wants to keep the strain on the relationship between Russia and Turkey. The same goes for the tensions between Turkey and Iran. According to the analyst, Washington wants to expand its influence and scope in the Middle East.

The comments came following the statement of Turkish Armed Forces’ former Chief of Staff Ilker Basbug on the alliance between the said countries.

”We need to work together with other countries on the Syrian issue; alone we cannot cope. We need to act together with Iran and Russia, because they want to protect the territorial integrity of Syria… Turkey urgently needs to review its policy on Syria. It is necessary that Turkish relations with Russia get back to normal”, the official said. This call emphasized the changing terrain especially since it came from an official with such a rank.

“The call for cooperation between Turkey, Iran and Russia from such a high-ranking official apparently means that Turkey is gradually changing the course of its foreign policy on Syria and other issues in the Middle East,” said Hanizadeh.

Russia Calls US Unprofessional

Russia is also not going to let the United States go unchecked. According to ABC, the Russia’s Defense Ministry just said in a statement that the US military flight in the Sea of Japan could be considered a safety risk. The ministry detailed that the plane could have collided with civilian airliners that’s why it considered such maneuver a safety risk. The organization also recently summoned a US military in Moscow to express its disapproval of the “unprofessional” action.

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