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US Missile Destroyer Reaches Black Sea

US Missile Destroyer Reaches Black Sea
USS Porter (DDG 78) Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet/ Flickr CC Public Domain


US Missile Destroyer Reaches Black Sea

With the marching order of promoting peace in the Black Sea, the U.S Navy has deployed, for the first time, its missile destroyer in the region.

The deployment of the USS Porter (DDG-78) is the first trip on the ship for this year as part of the ongoing Operational Atlantic Resolve. The move came amid the growing military buildup from the Russian forces in the region, which angers NATO member states as well as the United States.

In a statement, the U.S Navy defended its deployment of the missile destroyer saying it is consistent with the Montreux Convention and international law. Its main mandate is to ensure stability and security in the Black Sea, which is becoming a ‘Russian Lake’ for some political observers.

“The United States continues to demonstrate its commitment to the collective security of our NATO allies and support for our partners in Europe. All DoD efforts in support of our NATO allies in Eastern Europe fall under the umbrella of Atlantic Resolve,” the statement reads.

It added that while the ship is in the Black Sea, it will carry out vital naval operations, including routine patrols, port visits, and even bilateral naval exercises with other navies from the allies in the region.

A report from the RT showed that U.S warships have been coming in and out of the Black Sea since 2014 when the Russian-Ukraine conflict erupted. Under the Montreax Convention, the ship can only stay for a maximum of 21 days in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, last month, the U.S and NATO announced the groundbreaking of the missile interceptor stationed in Romania. The ballistic missile interceptor has the main mission of protecting the Eastern Europe from ballistic missiles coming from the Middle East, especially Iran. But Russia was quick to cry foul from this move from NATO, saying it undermines its strategic stability.

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