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US Reportedly Leaving NATO To Ally With China, Russia, Iran Under Donald Trump’s Presidency

US Reportedly Leaving NATO To Ally With China, Russia, Iran Under Donald Trump’s Presidency
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US Reportedly Leaving NATO To Ally With China, Russia, Iran Under Donald Trump’s Presidency

A new interview with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump shows that the outspoken businessman is more reluctant to honor U.S. commitment to NATO should he get elected president. His statement has evoked criticism. In particular, one of Hillary Clinton’s top advisors is saying that Trump would rather ally with the country’s current enemies than honor NATO commitment.

“Trump has apparently decided that America lacks the moral authority to advance our interests and values around the world. He has adopted the logic and positions of China, Russia and Iran,” alleged Jake Sullivan, one of the top advisors of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Sullivan noted that Trump has a “bizarre and occasionally obsequious fascination” when it comes to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is fair to assume that Vladimir Putin is rooting for a Trump presidency,” he said.

When he sat down with the New York Times, Trump was asked about a host of issues affecting the nation and world today. One of them is the situation in the Baltics where NATO allies are raising concern about Russia’s current acts of aggression.

Trump insisted that NATO members “aren’t paying their bills.” And when he was pressed if the U.S. would fulfill its NATO obligations to come to the aid of a member if it should come under attack by Russia despite “unpaid bills,” the controversial presidential candidate said, “Well, I’m not saying if not. I’m saying, right now there are many countries that have not fulfilled their obligations to us.”

In response to this, the Wall Street Journal reported that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a statement saying, “I will not interfere in the U.S. election campaign, but what I can do is say what matters for NATO. Solidarity among allies is a key value for NATO.”

Article 5 of the 1949 treaty states that an attack on a single NATO ally will be viewed as an attack to all and will therefore be met with a collective response.

At the same time, Sullivan said that Trump’s views on NATO and the U.S. participation will leave a number of people embarrassed. “Ronald Reagan would be ashamed. Harry Truman would be ashamed,” he said.

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