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US-India Alliance Stressed, Pakistan Furious Over Indus Water Treaty Violation

US-India Alliance Stressed, Pakistan Furious Over Indus Water Treaty Violation
President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi IIP Photo Archive / Flickr Public Domain


US-India Alliance Stressed, Pakistan Furious Over Indus Water Treaty Violation

With India and Pakistan both edging toward an all-out war, an age-old water treaty is being threatened and new alliances are being formed. China and the U.S. have already picked sides and looking to Russia to do the same. Is this the beginning of World War III?

The attack on Indian military base in Uri, India, which killed 18 soldiers, has been attributed to Pakistani terrorists, though unconfirmed. And India is not taking it lightly.

Kashmir Dispute

Kashmir, the border state between India and Pakistan has always been a sensitive issue for both the countries. Even though the two had managed to maintain more or less peaceful relations with each other over the last decade, fresh tensions have stirred up after a new Prime Minister was elected in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

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With Pakistan building up alliances with China, India has decided to make its intentions crystal clear. AIR or All India Radio has started relaying anti-Pakistan propaganda, its central message being “Religion and terrorism cannot be the state policy for any country”, reports Economic Times.

The External Services Division of AIR is also broadcasting the message Live to Pakistani listeners. It has called PM Sharif a “weak leader” who uses “religion to justify terror”.

Indus Water Treaty Violation

Another issue that has come into focus is the Indus Water Treaty of 1960, which was signed with the agreement that India could, by no means or reason, attempt to block the waters of River Indus which flows from India to Pakistan and is the life source of many.

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But with the treaty being referenced to in the speeches given by both the Indian Prime minister, Narendra Singh Modi and Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, who spoke in the U.N. recently, India seems to be reclining towards scraping the treaty in the near future, reports India Times.

However, regarding the Indus Water Treaty being threatened, Sharif said in a recent meeting that it would be a futile effort by India since the treaty was formed by a joint agreement under the supervision of the World Bank and no single party involved can break it under any circumstances.

However, this does not mean that Pakistan is not prepared for every possible scenario. Sharif has assured the world that his army and people are prepared for any internal or external security threats, reports News 18.

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“We will destroy India if it dares to impose war on us. Pakistan army is fully prepared to answer any misadventure of India,” a Pakistani tabloid quoted the Pakistani Defense Minister saying.

US – India Alliance

In the wake of the growing roar of war between the two arch-enemies, the United States of America seemed to be missing in action, which led many to believe that the U.S. has its own problems to deal with at the present.

However, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter recently condemned Pakistan for its irresponsible behavior regarding nuclear weapons reports Indian Express:

Pakistan nuclear weapons are entangled in a history of tension, and while they are not a threat to the United States directly, we work with Pakistan to ensure stability,” he said.

Such scathing remarks has reaffirmed America’s stand in the India-Pakistan war. With the U.S. keeping a close eye on Pakistan’s nukes, there is a slim chance of the latter trying to gain an upper hand in the impending war by launching a nuclear attack.

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