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US F-35A Squadron Reportedly Ready For Battle!

US F-35A Squadron Reportedly Ready For Battle!
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US F-35A Squadron Reportedly Ready For Battle!

If there’s a war in the distance, you can be sure that the F-35A will come swooping in to take out the enemy. After all, it’s what it does best and more.

The U.S. Air Combat Command recently declared the F35-A Lighting II aircraft as combat ready. It is a fifth generation fighter jet capable of going where the U.S. military’s legacy aircraft cannot. It ensures that the U.S. will always have air superiority as the jet can easily take out air defenses while providing close air support to allies. Truly, it is a game changer in the modern battlefield.

For starters, the U.S. Air Force will now be able to call upon a squadron of F-35 to perform critical missions that traditionally require a specialized aircraft, which include surveillance and reconnaissance as well as intelligence, electronic attack, air-to-air combat and air-to-ground strikes.

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The F-35 is one stealthy beast. It’s armed with advanced sensors, sophisticated countermeasures and electronic attack capabilities, as the jet is said “virtually undetectable to enemy radar.”

When it comes to electronic attack, the jet has one of the most advanced electronic warfare capabilities yet. In fact, F-35 pilots will be able to readily locate and track enemy forces. As they do this, they have the advantage of having a 360-degree coverage of the battlefield, allowing them to relay critical information in real time to commanders in the ground, air or at sea. While they’re at it, they are able to jam radars and help disrupt their attacks.

With regards to enemy air missile systems, the F-35’s has a low-observable stealth capability that allows them to enter enemy airspace without being detected by radars. F-35 pilots are also able to engage their targets from a farther distance allowing them to clear an area to make way for an assault by legacy coalition forces.

When it comes to an air-to-air combat, F-35’s are equipped with integrated sensors that allow them to see the enemy aircraft first before they even get detected. This allows them to strike at an air enemy from a “stand-off distance.”

In a coalition joint strike force, the F-35 is expected to take on a leadership position. After all, it can readily share everything it sees with other aircraft, providing everyone with greater situational awareness and a higher chance of achieving mission success.

As Chief of Staff of the Air Force General David Goldfein put it, “The F-35A brings an unprecedented combination of lethality, survivability, and adaptability to joint and combined operations, and is ready to deploy and strike well-defended targets anywhere on Earth.”

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