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US Brings Forth Second Nuclear Age

US Brings Forth Second Nuclear Age
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US Brings Forth Second Nuclear Age

President Vladimir Putin believes that the anti-missile defense systems being installed near the country’s borders could become weapons against Russia instead. On this note, the Russian president also made it clear that he knows how the West’s profess on its missile program. Could this mean an impending nuclear war? 

Putin Knows How the US is Doing With its Nuclear Weapons

There has been a contention on whether Russia and the United States are really moving toward a new world war. Whereas the two countries supposedly have been part of a treaty to reduce nuclear arms, some analysts are still predicting that a second nuclear age – brought upon by the United States – is possible. Unfortunately, such progression is also threatening world powers like Russia and China.

Putin warned that the West’s anti-missile defense systems could turn out to be an offensive weapon. Furthermore, he claimed that the United States is now installing these missiles near Moscow’s borders.

“The missiles are put into a capsule used for launches of sea-based Tomahawk missiles. Now they are placing their antimissiles there, which are capable of engaging a target at a distance of up to 500 kilometers [310 miles]. But technologies are developing, and we know around what year the Americans will get a new missile, which will have a range not of 500 kilometers, but 1,000, and then even more – and from that moment they will start threatening our nuclear capability,” RT quoted Putin.

“We know year by year what will happen, and they know that we know,” he said. 

Second Nuclear Age Coming?

In another report from Global Research, the organization claims that the United States is pushing forward with its trillion-dollar nuclear weapons modernization program and no one seems to be talking about it. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report it published last week that the Obama administration is spearheading a global expansion of nuclear weapons program.

As Global Research quoted the report, the US  “plans to spend $348 billion during 2015–24 on maintaining and comprehensively updating its nuclear forces,” adding that “Some estimates suggest that the USA’s nuclear weapon modernization program may cost up to $1 trillion over the next 30 years.”

However, it is important to note that the existing US nuclear arsenal supposedly can still wipe out people from earth many times over. It still reflects the idea that nuclear weapons could be the last resort to end things. If the United States will continue with its programs, a “second nuclear age” is possible with countries like Russia and China feeling threatened.

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