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US Army Prepares For Unthinkable War With Russia As Moscow Moves To Invade Ukraine

US Army Prepares For Unthinkable War With Russia As Moscow Moves To Invade Ukraine
Vladimir Putin Russian Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc


US Army Prepares For Unthinkable War With Russia As Moscow Moves To Invade Ukraine

The United States is making sure it’s ready for war with Russia. The army has reportedly been investing more on developing weapons, technologies, and platforms while focusing on earning the greater power versus Russia and China. Is the United States still the number one military world power?

US Army Prepares for Unthinkable War with Russia

While the United States argued constantly that its military investments are purely for contingency purposes, a look at its efforts throughout the years would say otherwise. In fact, there have been reports of the United States shifting focus from decades of counterinsurgency war to become a major-power war.

“We are excellent at counterinsurgency,” National Interest quoted Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, Military Deputy, Assistant Secretary of the Army – Acquisition, Logistics and Technology.

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“We’re developing systems to be prepared for the full range of potential conflict,” the official added.

Williamson explained that there are technologies being developed with the goal of positioning them to support the country’s quest to become a massive great-power in conflict. These efforts comprised of combat with mechanized forces, armored vehicles, helicopter air support, long-range precision weapons, and the Combined Arms Maneuver approach.

The approach covers the use of a range of combat assets, including artillery, infantry and armored vehicles like tanks than can destroy opponents. As what analysts previously argued with NATO’s efforts, supposed counterinsurgency efforts that require considerable mobilization of military assets could eventually be turned into an offensive movement that could spell more catastrophic consequences.

Moscow Moves to Invade Ukraine

Nonetheless, while there are doubts whether NATO or the U.S. is using Russia as a means to justify massive military movement and investment, Ukraine warned that a Russian invasion is possible at any minute.

According to The Sun, the warning came following intelligence saying Moscow’s soldiers have been spotted near the border with Crimea. Furthermore, the report said that the warning has been raised as fears of war return to the country, and as the United Nations called out an ominous recent surge in violence.

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