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US Arming NATO Allies With Precision Guided Munitions, Report

US Arming NATO Allies With Precision Guided Munitions, Report
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US Arming NATO Allies With Precision Guided Munitions, Report

In Europe, especially in the area that borders Russia, instability is increasing, and situation on security has become increasingly volatile.

Recently, it is believed that Russia may be preparing to launch another invasion attack. As Morning News USA previously reported, Russia has announced that it is currently preparing for a series of tactical military exercises.

Putin recently accused the Kiev government of siding with terror instead of peace. A number of military vehicles have been secretly making their way into a Crimea, a land annexed by Russia in the past under the guise of some military drills.

As these recent developments in Russia unfold, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency recently announced that the U.S. State Department determined that may approve a possible Foreign Military Sale of precision guided munitions to the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The estimated cost of the said sale is said to be $231 million. The U.S. Congress had been notified of the possible sale last August 9.

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The precision munition up for possible sale include 500 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance KMU-556 F/B; 40 JDAM Guidance Kits, KMU-557 F/B; 1,500 JDAM Guidance Kits, KMU-572 F/B; 1,000 MAU 210 E/B Computer Control Groups for 1,000-lb. Enhanced Paveway IIs; 300 MAU 210 E/B Computer Control Groups for GBU-49s; 1,025 MAU 169 L/B Computer Control Groups for GBU-12s; 1,350 Joint Programmable Fuzes, FMU-152 A/B; 60 Bomb Fin Assembly and Airfoil Group 650-MXU K/B for GBU-12s; 1,025 Bomb Fin Assembly and Airfoil Group, MXU-650 K/B AFG for GBU-12s.

Meanwhile, also included in the possible sale are Detector Sensing Unit (DSU)-38A/B Laser sensors; DSU-33D/B proximity sensors; Wireless Paveway Avionics Kit (WIPAK) interfaces for Enhanced Paveway II bombs and FMU-139C/B electronic bomb fuzes. The said sale would include certain repair and return services for engineering, transportation and other support services.

Should the precision guided munition sale push through, countries who would receive the equipment and systems include Portugal, Spain, Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic and Belgium.

According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, “The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.”

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