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Ukraine Goes To War With Russia, Joins NATO To Put Down Putin – Report

Ukraine Goes To War With Russia, Joins NATO To Put Down Putin – Report
Navy Day celebrations. Vladimir Putin visited the Aurora cruiser. President of Russia website CC BY 4.0


Ukraine Goes To War With Russia, Joins NATO To Put Down Putin – Report

Russia’s interest in Ukraine makes the country a trigger for more tension across the globe. Now that Ukraine is seeking alliance with NATO, experts fear it will push the button to a new World War. What will Russia do in light of the new alliance? 

Rising Tensions

The European region is seeing nightmare unfold before its eyes as tensions between Russia and NATO continue to rise. Moscow has been touted as aggressive, challenging the security of NATO members and other nations. However, while experts still refute the idea that a nuclear war could ensue, there is another alternative to the situation. Unfortunately, it is just as terrifying.

“The red line in the sand is if NATO makes Ukraine a member,” News quoted Professor Paul Dibb, an Australian Russian expert.

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“That will be seen as a call for war,” the professor added.

If the situation would come to such, it would force Russia into resorting to war. However, Dibb did clarify that he still doubts whether Russia would choose nuclear weapons even if it decides to go to war. He added that Vladimir Putin is both ambitious and patriotic.

“Russians do not believe territories like Crimea belong to Ukraine, but rather to them,” he said. 

EU and US Call for Peace

The tensions in the region are reaching alarming levels that the EU and U.S. are calling out for some calm regarding the Crimea tensions. The European Union and the United States both encouraged the Kiev and Moscow to resolve the tensions amidst reported escalation of violence.

“The latest escalation in Crimea must be a cause of concern to us. In what is already a difficult situation, no one stands to benefit from further escalation,” the Irish Times quoted Frank-Walter Steinmeier who is due to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

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