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UK, US, NATO, Romania, Poland Ganging Up On Russia

UK, US, NATO, Romania, Poland Ganging Up On Russia
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UK, US, NATO, Romania, Poland Ganging Up On Russia

The world seems to be ganging up on Russia, according to a Russian lawmaker. Recently, countries like Baltic republics, Romania, Poland, Great Britain and the United States have been working together in light of supposed “Russian aggression” with NATO at the forefront of it too.

Countries Are Ganging Up on Russia

According to a Russian official, a number of countries seem to be betting on a military confrontation with Russia. Although the Italian MP thinks that NATO’s moves near the Russian border could be considered as a sort of provocation.

“There is a group of states within NATO which are staking on military confrontation with Russia. These countries are the Baltic republics, Romania, Poland, Great Britain and the United States,” TASS quoted Alexey Pushkov, the chairman of the international committee of the Russian State Duma lower parliament house.

The official also said that Moscow should be realistic enough to realize that any efforts to resume or repair relations with NATO are out of the window in the near future.

“At least until NATO abandons its new strategy of advance deployment and intimidation of Russia, until it returns to the Founding Act signed in 1997, until it brings it home to the fighting-mad ‘young European nations’ that they will never be let drag the Western alliance into a potential military conflict with Moscow,” he said.

The lawmaker also called out NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who previously claimed that the alliance will try to establish dialogue with Russia. NATO’s top man also previously said that the organization will appeal t the restorations of Russia-NATO Council but it appears the alliance is more concerned about provoking Russia.

Countries Are Provoking Russia

In another report from TASS, it appears that Russia found an ally. According to Italian parliamentarian Alessandro Pagano, the United States carries a huge burden when it comes to the military buildup near the Russian borders.

“The reaction of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who stated readiness to respond to ‘threats’ is inevitable and more than rightful,” said Pagano, the head of the inter-parliamentary friendship group Italy-Russia.

“Obama pursues a contradictory policy: while the US and NATO are withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Mediterranean region, military presence is growing on Russian borders. What is this if not a provocation?” The official said.

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