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UK Rises Against Russia’s Threat

UK Rises Against Russia’s Threat
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UK Rises Against Russia’s Threat

Tensions are rising in the European region as the United Kingdom and NATO works on beefing up their military stockpile. Furthermore, NATO has also called out to the West to prepare for the “potential threat” of Russian aggression. Is World War coming?

UK to Stockpile Artillery

The British military is planning on stockpiling tanks including other heavy equipment in the Eastern European region as a means to support NATO’s plans to beef up security near the Russian border. The alliance has been calling out for more strengthened approach against Russia’s supposed aggression which is also not registering well with the United Kingdom.

According to RT, the stockpile of heavy artillery will arrive sometime around July during NATO’s summit in Warsaw. Considering the perceived threat to the Baltic States and Poland, NATO is looking into deploying as many as 4,000 additional troops in the said countries.

Previously, the plan was for the United States to offer half the cost while the rest will be shouldered by Germany and UK.

However, the plan was changed as new reports suggest that the United States will only offer 1,000-strong battalion. The West urged the European members to spend more for their defense.

UK’s plan, on the other hand, will be the same. It will offer an armored battle group comprised of 1,000 troops, including tanks and artillery. In a similar manner, NATO’s parliamentary assembly also urged the Western military alliance to prepare to address Russia’s “potential threat.”

NATO Prepares for Russia

“The challenge from Russia is real and serious,” Yahoo quoted Michael Turner, the US president of the assembly that was comprised of 250 lawmakers from the 28 member states.

The declaration specified that it regrets “Russia’s use of force against its neighbors and attempted intimidation of (NATO) Allies.”

Furthermore, it explained that such “left NATO no choice but to consider the prospect of aggressive Russian action against an Alliance member as a potential threat, and to adopt measured, proportionate responses.”

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