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Sweden To Become NATO’s Ally – Report

Sweden To Become NATO’s Ally – Report
NATO AWACS Stig Andersen / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Sweden To Become NATO’s Ally – Report

While Sweden has been considered a neutral country, it appears that it is now siding with NATO in its war against Russia. The latter is not taking any changes nonetheless as it has reportedly testing a new suicide bomber drone. Will tensions lead to war? 

Sweden vs. Russia

Sweden is reportedly joining NATO as it beefs up defenses against “Russian threat.” The country has allowed NATO to deploy nuclear weapons in its region in case of an attack against Russia.

“Russian aggression against Ukraine breaches international law and challenges the European security order,” Global Research quoted Sweden’s ‘defense’ minister Peter Hultqvist on the reason why Sweden suddenly joined NATO’s operations. The official, however, denied that there will be nuclear weapons involved.

“I have sometimes wondered if there has been deliberate disinformation,” he added with regards to the opponents of the proposal. Hultqvist cited that the security environment has been challenging and whatever happens with it including NATO will affect everyone.

“First of all, the security order that was established in Europe after the Cold War is challenged by Russia. The illegal annexation of Crimea is the first example in more than 70 years where one European state has occupied territory belonging to another state using military force. If we allow the annexation to become a status quo we make ourselves guilty of destroying one of the very pillars of the European security order as we know it. We see no signs that Russia has changed its position or have softened that,” he explained during his Stockholm speech last May 25.

Russia’s New Suicide Bomber

As more countries join forces against its supposed aggression, Russia seems unfazed as it is reportedly testing a new suicide bomber drone. According to a report from Mirror, Vladimir Putin’s top military chiefs are now trying out a suicide bomber drone that would be used for top secret missions. Defense sources also added taht the drones will be operated remotely. They can also detonate once they hit the target.

“A drone which would act similar to a fire ship is being developed now,” the source said.

“It detonates after hitting a target.”

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