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Space Showdown Looming As Russia Test Fires Nodul Missile

Space Showdown Looming As Russia Test Fires Nodul Missile
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Space Showdown Looming As Russia Test Fires Nodul Missile

As if showing its military might here on Earth is not enough, Russia is now looking up in the space to show the world its dominance with its Nodul missile.

According to reports, Russia has successfully test launch its direct ascent anti-satellite missile, called the Nodul. It was the second successful test launch for the same missile technology from Russia. Nodul is capable of bringing down a satellite up in the space with high-level precision, the National Interest reported.

The said technology from Russia poses a serious threat to vital satellite installations of the United States as these facilities serve a vital role in the country’s national security, navigation, and even surveillance activities.

The report also showed that it’s not only Russia or the U.S that are capable of shooting an anti-satellite missile that could bring down a satellite in orbit. In fact, China, in 2007, has successfully destroyed a satellite in orbit.

Mark Schneider, a former senior Pentagon official, in a separate from the Daily Mail, was quick to warn its Russian counterparts the possible consequences of its actions. He said Russia’s anti-satellite missile could have a devastating effect on U.S.

“The loss of GPS guidance due to [anti-satellite] attack would take out a substantial part of our precision weapons delivery capability and essentially all of our standoff capability,” Schneider was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

The same report added that Russia’s recent successful launch of its Nodul missile came after the failed attempt in April 2015. However, conflicting reports from the Russian side were adamant that previous attempts were successful.

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