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Russia’s Thermobaric Warheads Is Changing The Landscape Of War, Report

Russia’s Thermobaric Warheads Is Changing The Landscape Of War, Report
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Russia’s Thermobaric Warheads Is Changing The Landscape Of War, Report

A new report is now saying the U.S. should not be so keen about engaging Russia in a landwar. For one thing, they have a new kind of firepower. Today, Russians are using what’s known as thermobaric warheads and they are as menacing as they are lethal.

This and more are findings of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster in his report for the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command entitled “The Russian New Generation Warfare.” So much has changed in the way the Russians wage their war since the conflict in Ukraine over the illegal annexation of Crimea has started.

Russians have reportedly armed themselves fiercely with better combat vehicles. They’ve also gotten better at using UAV’s or the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which means they may be able to better conduct surveillance or reconnaissance missions undetected. However, the foremost concern with regard to Russia now is their improved ammunition systems.

According to a report from Defense One, Russian munitions have advanced significantly in recent years. Take the battle ready thermobaric warhead for starters. According to Potomac Foundation President Phil Karber, thermobaric warheads, which was used in combination with top-attack munitions, had managed to easily wipe out two mechanize battalions in a span of three minutes.

“If you have not experienced or seen the effects of thermobaric warheads, start taking a hard look. They might soon be coming to a theater near you, ” he further remarked.

Meanwhile, McMaster has also said in his reports that as far as combat vehicles go, Russia may have the edge against the U.S. now. He says that although the U.S. Bradly Fighting Vehicle “is great,” it seems that Russia has come up with something better.

Of Russia’s progress on combat vehicles, he explained, “They’ve invested in advanced protective systems and active protective systems. We’ve got to get back ahead on combat vehicle development.”

The Russian T-90 tank has been seen to do incredibly well in Eastern Ukraine, Dagestan and Syria. As far as vehicle defense goes, the Russians also have an APS or active protection systems. They are designed to automatically detect incoming shells and then target with electric jammers or simply shoot them down.

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