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Russia’s Secret Weapon To Annihilate NATO, Alliance Has No Chance

Russia’s Secret Weapon To Annihilate NATO, Alliance Has No Chance
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Russia’s Secret Weapon To Annihilate NATO, Alliance Has No Chance

Things have been tense with Russia and NATO for a while that some analysts predict it could be a matter of time before either launches an attack. However, there might still be hope as Russia opens its arms to talk to NATO. Could there really be peace around the corner, or is everything a lie?

Russia Has a Deadly Army

NATO stands no chance if it is goes to war against Russia, as the latter reportedly has a a secret fleet of super submarines. More importantly, there have been been reports saying Vladimir Putin’s league of nuclear powered death machines are already within United Kingdom’s waters.

Naval experts warned recently that Russia has a small but advanced army of subs that can launch missile strikes in any part of the globe. Andrew Metrick, who co-wrote the report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), claimed that Russia has been operating a deadly group of stealthy underwater weapons navigating in different parts of the globe, with some in UK waters and near the Royal Navy’s base in Faslane, Scotland.

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“Russia operates a small number of very small, nuclear powered submarines that are capable of diving in excess of several thousand meters. You can imagine what a clandestine deployable deep submergence vehicle could be used for,” The Sun quoted Metrick.

“It’s pretty scary to think about some of the types of missions.

“It’s probably the most shadowy part of the Russian undersea apparatus. It’s not operated by their navy, it’s operated by a separate branch of their Ministry of Defense.”

World War Just a Hoax?

However, as alarming as this may sound, people shouldn’t plunge into doomsday thinking just yet. According to RT, Russia is willing to establish a constructive partnership with NATO. In fact, the country has invited military experts to talk. Specifically, Russia has proposed a “positive program” to NATO about creating relations to reduce tensions that plague the countries, including the United States and the alliance.

“NATO’s military experts have been invited to Moscow in September for consultations concerning military and political situation in Europe,” said Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

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