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Russia’s Enemies Double, Sweden Joins NATO Vs Moscow

Russia’s Enemies Double, Sweden Joins NATO Vs Moscow
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Russia’s Enemies Double, Sweden Joins NATO Vs Moscow

Russia and NATO are slowly becoming enemies, and Sweden may just join in the conflict. As tensions in the European region persists, there are two contending sides to the matter: there could be war soon between the two or NATO, while Russia could reconcile thanks to upcoming talks and intervention. Is the world really headed for war?

Russia is a Common Threat

Russia is a common threat for a number of European nations – the same reason NATO and U.S. have used to justify their actions in the region. As the Warsaw meeting looms, Russia is considered a haunting specter nations and NATO must address accordingly.

“The main issue for NATO is how to respond to Russia’s use of force against Ukraine,” explained Dr Jorge Benitez, Atlantic Council’s international security expert via ABC.

“The allies will also discuss terrorism, hybrid warfare, a southern strategy, intelligence reform, cyber threats, Afghanistan and nuclear policy.”

“But the heart of the discussions will be about the threat from Russia.”

Russia’s Ambitions

Russia has also been linked to a more favorable position as Britain exited the European Union. The Brexit signaled political unrest that could present opportunities for Russia. Until the issue with Russia clears, it will remain a threat to many nations.

“NATO membership is just an excuse used by Putin to cover up Russia’s invasions of two of its neighbors,” said Benitez.

Sweden may be jumping on the same boat as NATO. According to Global Research, Sweden is reportedly joining NATO’s efforts against Russia.

“Russian aggression against Ukraine breaches international law and challenges the European security order,” the report quoted Sweden’s “defense” minister Peter Hultqvist. The official did deny the involvement of nuclear weapons.

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