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Russia’s Electronic Warfare Technology Can Paralyze US

Russia’s Electronic Warfare Technology Can Paralyze US
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Russia’s Electronic Warfare Technology Can Paralyze US

In Russia’s and the United States’ battle in military supremacy, Moscow now has developed technology that can paralyze the Pentagon’s military. On the other hand, US Air Force F-35 is preparing for “the unthinkable” war against Russia and China. Is this World War 3?

Russia, China and the United States are constantly working on improving technologies with an eye against each other.

New reports suggest that Russia’s electronic-warfare powerhouse KRET—Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies has been looking into a powerful new ground-based jamming system capable of cutting data-links across the globe. This can prevent the United States military from doing operations in any location.

An unnamed source from KRET revealed that the system comes with multiple separate jamming modules with the ability to target a command and control system even at a distance using complex digital signals, the National Interest reported. The report added the system can target different kinds of systems at the same time.

“Multichannel stations that ensure simultaneous inhibition of various avionics systems have been created,” said the Russian defense industry source.

The capacity of Russia’s new warfare technology was also described by KRET’s first deputy director general Igor Nasenkov himself. “Their energy, frequency and intellectual resources are distributed in an optimal way. In addition, all the modules are equipped with individual defense sets because they are the prime targets for enemy’s attack,” added

Nonetheless, the United States is not taking any chances. According to a separate report from the National Interest, Air Force F-35 has been using “open air” ranges and computer simulation exercises to prepare the force against best Chinese and Russian-made air-defense technologies. This is part of the preparations against the anticipated threats to come around mid-2020s. The report added that the practices were also in light of the current air defense system threats from Russia.

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