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Russia’s A2/AD Scares NATO, US to Stop World War – Report

Russia’s A2/AD Scares NATO, US to Stop World War – Report


Russia’s A2/AD Scares NATO, US to Stop World War – Report

Many nations have expressed their concern over the rising military capabilities of Russia. In fact, its hybrid warfare and anti-access, area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities have started rattling leaders including NATO. Can Russia really conquer the world in the next world war?

Russia has been dubbed as an emerging threat particularly by NATO and the United States. Ever since the annexation of Moscow, the country has seen its relations with other countries strained. It also does not help that its recent activities near Ukraine and Eastern Europe have got NATO on alert.

This time, all eyes are on its weapons. As what other analysts said before, an increasing capability on Russia’s part could also mean higher chances of a new world war.

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Russia’s A2/AD Scares NATO

“Russia’s hybrid warfare is challenging the U.S. and allies in Ukraine and on NATO’s four flanks. This type of combat includes a combination of cyber activities of unclear origin, irregular forces, conventional weapons and traditional forces applied in coordinated fashion. Russia purposely holds these activities below the threshold that the U.S. would normally consider conflict to limit response options and to challenge the norms usually guiding regional security,” noted National Interest.

US to Stop World War

Furthermore, it is also important to note that Russia has been cooperating with China increasingly – a cause of concern for many countries as well. The situation has become alarming that a former NATO official has asked the United States to act as the “police of the world.”

According to former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen, US has the credibility and capability to counter “autocrats like Putin.”

“The world needs such a policeman if freedom and prosperity are to prevail against the forces of oppression, and the only capable, reliable and desirable candidate for the position is the United States,” RT quoted the official.

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