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Russian Invasion On Its Way, NATO Prepares For Attack

Russian Invasion On Its Way, NATO Prepares For Attack
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Russian Invasion On Its Way, NATO Prepares For Attack

It’s a case of “he-said she-said” between Russia and NATO, with the world waiting on who will make the first move. Recently, there have been talks about Poland preparing for a Russian invasion. Can NATO counter Moscow, or it is all just a lie?

Poland Preparing for Russia

The world, or at least nations near Russia, are preparing for a possible attack since Ukraine’s demise. While Russia made it clear that it is not out for war, and that NATO is operating on a false premise, nations like Poland are still on the lookout in case the Russian invasion threat is true.

Poland wants to protect itself from urban defense strategies to woodcraft and foraging; the country is not leaving anything unturned when it comes to military preparedness. In fact, things have started heating up in June when Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced a 35,000-strong Territorial Defense Force. Recruitment will start in September.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Poland’s forces tripled to 80,000.

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According to the Mirror, the country is looking into the creation of 17-brigade territorial army (one brigade for each of Poland’s 16 provinces and two for the largest province of Mazovia) that only emphasizes Poland’s increasing eagerness over its military.

NATO Can Deter Russia

In the same way, NATO is set to deter Russia more aggressively as it reiterated its stance on the matter.

According to National Interest, it is possible for the alliance to deter Moscow in several ways. Russia is not capable of going against large-scale or protracted conventional conflict. More importantly, it cannot afford a nuclear war. In this case, NATO stands to gain if it can successfully show NATO that military victories will not be cheap for the country.

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