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Russia Won’t Attack NATO Unless Provoked

Russia Won’t Attack NATO Unless Provoked
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


Russia Won’t Attack NATO Unless Provoked

Russia and NATO have been gunning against each other especially since the military buildup near Moscow’s border. Russia warned NATO about the buildup but clarifies that it will not attack NATO unless otherwise provoked. Could a world war be brewing around the corner?   

Russia Won’t Attack NATO? 

Predictions about Russia waging war against NATO for another Cold War may not come to pass yet as most predicted as Moscow made it clear it will not attack anyone unless otherwise really provoked. However, some argue that the elephant in the room is that Russia is in fact feeling provoked with the recent turn of events near its borders. The conflicting views on what Russia thinks and believes have created a divide on whether it is in fact a threat or not to global security.

“Our attitude to NATO enlargement and the expansion of the so-called affiliate program with the moving of NATO military infrastructure closer to our borders has not changed,” Forbes quoted Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“The doctrines of our security are clearly written and one of the main threats is the further expansion of NATO to the east,” he said.

”We don’t consider the existence of NATO a threat, or the way in which the military alliance works in practice.  But there is no doubt among serious analysts here that NATO has seized on the (crisis in) Ukraine…to discriminate against Russian in order to invent new reasons for the existence of the alliance,” added Lavrov.

US Launching Propaganda Against Russia?

Along with the idea that Russia is the world aggressor, comes another notion that the United States has been trying to discredit the country. In fact, there are arguments saying that the United States is trying to paint Russian aggression as the reason for boosting NATO forces in Europe.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, told RT that even people in the United States are now trying to look outside for additional information and analysis about what’s really happening. There is an underlying concern that the West has launched a propaganda against Russia in order to justify military mobilizations.

“Because stations like RT and other media sources outside of the US are getting hundreds of millions of viewers and readers; even inside the US many people are looking outside to get more objective information and analysis. The US media is not a free press; it is a corporate-controlled media,” explained Azikiwe.

“Even the so-called National Public media in the US – if you look – most of the people who speak in that media come from the corporate sector. They are very concerned about controlling information.”

As for the supposed Russian aggression, Azikiwe has a different take on it. US officials have been talking continuously about Russian aggression but there are those who have questioned where the aggression really is.

“They don’t clearly spell it out because the US and NATO have Russia surrounded on many fronts: In Europe, in Eastern Europe. That continuing encirclement is spreading to other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa,” said Azikiwe.

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