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Russia Targeting NATO, Puts Everyone In Danger

Russia Targeting NATO, Puts Everyone In Danger
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Russia Targeting NATO, Puts Everyone In Danger

Russia and NATO have been at odds with each other, so some analysts believe that a war could be brewing. Russia has started preparing its troops for NATO and vice versa, but another contention suggests that everything has been hyped up too much. Should the world be prepared for another Cold War?

Russia Targeting NATO

There have been talks going around about a war brewing between Russia and NATO, with the U.S. supporting the latter. However, while both sides have significantly upped their game in terms of military actions, there are still doubts whether the war is true or not. Is it just a figment of people’s imagination, or is a different thing going on in the background?

NATO reiterated its stance on Russia during its Warsaw summit. The alliance made sure that the world got the message, and that it thinks Russia is an existential and growing threat. The organization also held its largest war exercise near Russian borders in Europe since the Cold War, but one analyst claims that the hot war is not an imminent threat.

“A cold war is indeed in the making, no thanks to Russia. But a hot war is not an imminent threat, contrary to what newscasters and political commentators on Russia’s central television channels are telling their viewers,” wrote Mike Sigov.

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Sigov argued that Vladimir Putin has stepped up Russia’s fear-mongering propaganda campaign to hide falling living standards and plunder. The Cold War tension is an excellent front for Russia’s elite to hide  if the economy is falling. The bad news, though, is that NATO is taking things seriously, but its unity is in danger. There is a divide in the alliance which it needs to address.

NATO-Russia Council Not Enough

As for hope whether there Russia and NATO could reconcile differences relies on their cooperation. However, the NATO-Russia Council still needs work. According to Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian parliament’s upper house, the council lacks efficiency.

“There is no doubt that it is better to have such a mechanism than to have no mechanism. But as it is today, of course it lacks efficiency… Because it was created basing on the principles of equality: not 1+28 but 29 equal participants with each party having a right to its own position that may be not in line with the NATO position,” Sputnik quoted the official.

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