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Russia To Retaliate Against NATO Aggression

Russia To Retaliate Against NATO Aggression
NATO ships participate in Baltops Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Russia To Retaliate Against NATO Aggression

Times are tense between Russia and NATO as the alliance just launched anti-submarine warfare exercise in Norwegian Sea. Nonetheless, whichever NATO decides to do, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear that Russia will act on the ‘aggressive NATO rhetoric.’

NATO Just Launched Its Warfare Exercise

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commenced the launch of NATO’s anti-submarine warfare exercise “Dynamic Mongoose” when he visited Trondheim, Norway on Monday. The said exercise involved learning how to detect and defend against submarines. It is expected to last for ten days.

According to Stoltenberg, naval capabilities are now “as important as ever” since the world is comprised of 70% water. Additionally, around 90% of the world trade is done through the sea thus NATO should be able to work “on the sea, over the sea, and also under the sea.”

According to NATO, around three thousand sailors including aircrew from eight Allies (Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States) are involved in the exercise. Likewise, Canada, Germany, Norway and the United States have also lent submarines on top of nine surface ships and four maritime patrol aircraft. The exercise will cover around 14,000 square nautical miles in the Norwegian Sea.

Russia Ready to Retaliate

Whatever NATO is planning though, Russia will respond accordingly. President Vladimir Putin made it clear  that Russia will counter NATO’s increasingly “aggressive rhetoric.”

“Russia is ready to discuss this extremely important issue,” RT quoted the president.

“But again, as it was at the beginning of WWII, we don’t see any positive response,” he continued. “On the contrary, NATO ups its aggressive rhetoric and aggressive actions near our borders.”

“In this environment, we must pay special attention to strengthening our country’s defense capabilities.”

Putin also called for cooperation in the international community as terrorism remains a pressing threat. The world has remained divided and separated which makes it difficult to address such treats.

“What kind of lessons are needed to get rid of old-fashioned ideological discord and geopolitical games and unite in the fight against international terrorism? This common threat is rising right in front of us,”said Putin.

“Security and international affairs are equally important, but there is nothing more important than economy and welfare.”

“These are indeed very complicated and tough issues, but our country’s future depends on how we will tackle them.”

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