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Russia Is Ready With Newest A2/AD Against NATO

Russia Is Ready With Newest A2/AD Against NATO
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Russia Is Ready With Newest A2/AD Against NATO

Russia is not one to play around especially with threats reported around and against it. Russia has reportedly started developing an air-defense system that can address threats in the Black Sea and possibly even against NATO.

Russia’s New Weapon

Russia is reportedly creating a joint regional air-defense system with Armenia. The development is in relation to NATO’s movements in the eastern Black Sea. Because of this, the United Regional System of Air Defense in the Caucasian Region of Collective Security was intended to improve the air control capabilities of Russia.

According to National Interest, the document specifies the “subordination of Armenian air-defense assets under the operational strategic command of Russia’s Southern Military District.” This is important because the joint air-defense system can support Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy in the Black Sea. The approach came as a necessity following the recent tensions with NATO.

The relations between NATO and Russia already degraded since Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. When looking at the situation through NATO’s perspective, Russia’s development and progression of its A2/AD capabilities in Crimea can be alarming. Such thing can interfere with NATO’s infrastructure enhancement.

Russia Can Defeat NATO

Additionally, a US commander claimed that Russia can outpace NATO deployment capabilities as fast as they prefer. The commander of US Army Europe has declared that the capabilities of Moscow to deploy troops at long distances are disturbing because it surpasses NATO’s capacity.

“The thing I worry about the most is freedom of movement. The Russians are able to move huge formations and lots of equipment a long distance very fast,” RT quoted Lieutenant General Ben Hodges. “The Russians…can move anywhere inside of Russia, as fast as they want,” Gen. Hodges claimed

The official also said that it is concerning to find out that Russia’s military can “deploy 20,000 troops and a lot of equipment on the border of a NATO country, or maybe somewhere like Georgia or Ukraine,” taking advantage of “what we call freedom of movement on the interior lines.”

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