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Russia Prepares For War, Real Enemy Is NATO And US – Report

Russia Prepares For War, Real Enemy Is NATO And US – Report
Nuclear Submarine President of Russia / Website CC


Russia Prepares For War, Real Enemy Is NATO And US – Report

Russia’s activities near Ukraine have sounded alarms throughout western countries, although some argue that the United States and NATO are looking for reasons to wage war. On one hand, some claim that Russia is preparing all its assets for a full-scale war, but on the other hand, Moscow has agreed to a 7-day unilateral ceasefire plan. Is Russia the real enemy?

Russia Prepares for War

There is a big contention as to whether Russia is making strides towards declaring a new world war. While experts believe the story is exaggerated, a consensus of what some call the “best analysts” in such situations suggest it could be possible.

“Russia may be gearing up and preparing for military action,” the National Interest quoted its former editor, Dr. Nikolas Gvosdev.

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“That comes on the heels of the latest Russian snap exercise. What we have seen with these snap exercises over the last several years is that they get bigger—more people, more equipment, wider range and increasingly—to borrow a term from American parlance—they’re whole of government exercises.”

Russia for Peace?

While some are convinced that Russia could be planning another annexation, its recent actions seem to contradict what the West claims. In another report from Aljazeera, Russia accepted a unilateral seven-day ceasefire in Ukraine for the separatist leaders it has been supporting. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, confirmed the decision.

“Today we came here with the news that with a commitment from Moscow, which reached us yesterday, starting tonight there will be a ceasefire on the part of the separatists, to start with for seven days, beginning at midnight,” explained the official.

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