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Russia Prepared To Attack NATO, Frozen War Happening

Russia Prepared To Attack NATO, Frozen War Happening
Sukhoi Su-34, Russia – Air Force AN1646787 Oleg V. Belyakov – AirTeamImages / Wikimedia Commons cc by 2.0


Russia Prepared To Attack NATO, Frozen War Happening

Nothing spells danger than what is happening between NATO and Russia. Despite denying accusations that they are both strengthening their forces against each other, the signs are evident for a new Cold War, especially after Russia decided to form a brand-new task force to counter NATO buildup in Eastern Europe.

Russia Prepares for NATO

Tensions are rising near Russia’s border, with NATO building up forces in the regions of its members. Since NATO finished its Warsaw summit, it has become evident that it is determined to counter its so-called Russian aggression.

Moscow has started developing a force to counterbalance NATO’s massive military buildup near its European border. The force will operate across Russia’s western and southern borders, as confirmed by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

According to Shoigu, Moscow has started upgrading its military forces because of the growing terrorist activity in the Caucasus region, overall situation in Ukraine, and of course, the military buildup in Eastern Europe.

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“In the given conditions, we have to take commensurate reaction measures,” RT quoted Shoigu during a Defense Ministry board session.

The minister also reported that since 2013, Russia’ Defense Ministry already held 200 drills in the southern military district. Additionally, Shoigu confirmed that four divisions, nine brigades, and 22 regiments have been created from scratch.

Frozen War Near Russia’s Backyard

Nonetheless, NATO is not the only thing Russia should be worried about. A new report from National Interest claims that a frozen war near Russia’s border has started to heat up. An Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict escalated more than two months ago, and there is another threat that things could escalate further.

Russia has to be on the lookout for what happens between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As with other conflicts, it could be possible Russia’s interests would also be at stake should things turn for the worse.

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