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Russia Launches Most Powerful Nuclear Ice Breaker, The Biggest In The World

Russia Launches Most Powerful Nuclear Ice Breaker, The Biggest In The World


Russia Launches Most Powerful Nuclear Ice Breaker, The Biggest In The World

On Thursday, Russia launched its most powerful icebreaker in St. Petersburg. It becomes the world’s biggest nuclear ice breaker to date. It apparently looks like a step ahead in the WW3 scenario.

The ice breaker Arktika is 568 feet in length and powered by two nuclear reactors. It can break through 13 feet deep ice.

It is the lead ship of the Project 22220 series. The ship had been made to replace nuclear ships of the previous generation.

According to NPR, the Project 22220 series was going to be not just bigger, but extremely powerful. The publication also reports that these ships will be apt enough to sail on open seas and also to move in shallow waters of Arctic rivers’ open areas.

The ship was being launched early, while there were plans to launch Arktika in 2017.

The shipyard, where the Arktika was built, said it is one of several new ice breakers made for Russia’s thriving fleet. It was also reported that this fleet is already larger than any country, internationally.

The launch of the nuclear ice breaker took place amidst the worsening Russia-NATO conflict.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, NATO, together with its member countries led by US, UK and Canada, is trying to put up a rotating force of 4,000 troops that would be stationed in NATO’s eastern flank in Poland and the Baltics. Russia on the other hand conducted snap military drills to have its forces ready whenever an order is made by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

These incidents are bringing the world somewhat close to the WW3 scenario.

According to a report from Sputnik News, NATO’s rotational force does not sit well with Russia. The deployment is a provocation whether its only temporary and worse if its permanent.

Alexander Grushko, the Russian envoy to NATO, said that NATO’s deployment of forces near Russia’s borders is in direct violation of Russia’s legitimate security interests. He also said that this security issue will not be “left unanswered.”

“NATO officials realize that it does not matter for Russia whether it will be constant rotation or permanent deployment, prohibited under the Russia-NATO Founding Act,” Grushko said.

Admiral Paul Zukunft, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, told reporters that, right now, Russia has more than two dozen oceangoing ice breakers.

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