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Russia Is Invading Poland – Report

Russia Is Invading Poland – Report
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


Russia Is Invading Poland – Report

Russia has been accused having the ambition to conquer nations, the latest of which is Poland. According to the Polish Defense Ministry, the country is making sure to strengthen its borders against unprecedented penetration of Russian drones. Is Russia making a move on Poland?

Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz recently accused Russia of massive incursions over Poland’s borders using drones. The official told Poland’s TVP television channel that the aircraft went through Polish territory from the Kaliningrad Region during an unspecified period.

The region is known to be the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea coast between Poland and Lithuania. This prompted Poland to strengthen its defense capabilities including airspace.

As cited by military expert Dmitri Safonov, Russia has resorted to pilotless flying apparatuses for its military drills. He admitted that Russian drones might have violated Poland’s air spcae.

“Hundreds of drones are used in the course of joint operations between Russia and Belarus in the Kaliningrad Region and it is very likely that some of them could have violated Poland’s air space,” Russia Beyond the Headlines quoted Safonov.

Safono, however, dismissed Macierewicz statements as mere provocation for NATO and the United States to come to Poland’s defense.

“However, Antoni Macierewicz’s statement should be taken with some skepticism since Poland is the main ‘provocateur’ within NATO in terms of anti-Russian rhetoric. This could be a case of an unsubstantiated accusation against Russia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton just drew ire from Poland and Hungary after he said that “US-free” nations “want Putin-Like dictatorships.” Polish PM and ruling party chair Jaroslaw Kaczynski expressed their disapproval over Clinton’s remarks.

The former US president made the statement during an event for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in Paterson, New Jersey.

Clinton also added that Poland and Hungary “have now decided this democracy is too much trouble.”

“If anyone says there is no democracy in Poland, it means that he is in a state that you need to examine by medical means,” RT quoted Kaczynski.

“I can say only one thing – that the media, various factors in the world, triggered a situation of a giant misunderstanding. Perhaps it affects the consciousness of the former president of the United States,” he added.

“Otherwise, I cannot explain it to myself,” the official concluded.

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