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Russia Destroying NATO With Spies, World Domination May Be In Order – Report

Russia Destroying NATO With Spies, World Domination May Be In Order – Report
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Russia Destroying NATO With Spies, World Domination May Be In Order – Report

Russia and NATO are in the friendliest of terms, but it appears that another party has confirmed Russia’s intentions in a bid against the alliance. A Czech spy agency has claimed that Russia is working on weakening NATO to pursue its plans. Will Russia succeed?

Russia Spies Infiltrating NATO?

Czech counterintelligence agency, the BIS, claimed that Russian agents in the Czech Republic are working on destabilizing the unity of European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization through a comprehensive information war. Moreover, the agency said that the central European country is hosting a “disproportionate” number of Russian spies on its territory.

Information came from the annual report of the Prague-based agency, as reported by Bloomberg. According to the report, the agents are focusing on spreading false information regarding the armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. Moreover, the agency also said that the spies are attempting to strain relationships among European countries.

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According to Bloomberg, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has yet not commented on the matter. Additionally, Russia embassy’s press department in Prague has also not responded to repeated attempts to reach out to them.

World Domination in Order

As for Russia’s current relationship with Turkey, analysts believe both countries may need to do more than shake hands, considering how complex the situation is. Only then will the nations get something from the renewed relationship.

“Russian-Turkish relations are too complex to be restored simply through compassionate communications between the two leaders. A handshake of the presidents – this is only a necessary pre-condition, but not a guarantee of success,” Russia Direct quoted Pavel Shlykov, analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center, via Carnegie Moscow Center. However, the fixed relationship is also sending a message.

“This meeting was also aimed at sending a signal to the EU and the U.S. – that both Russia and Turkey no longer consider the Western direction as the most important, and are willing to undertake a path of serious diversification,” explained Andrei Kortunov, general director of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

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