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Russia Deploys 30,000 Soldiers Against NATO in Eastern Europe

Russia Deploys 30,000 Soldiers Against NATO in Eastern Europe
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Russia Deploys 30,000 Soldiers Against NATO in Eastern Europe

Staying true to its words, Russia has deployed 30,000 soldiers, a move that according to top Russian military officials was in response to NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe.

Alexander Grushko, Russia’s Permanent Representative to NATO, said the deployment of Russian forces is aimed at countering the continued eastward expansion of NATO, the Russian newspaper TASS reported Tuesday.

As previously reported by the Morning News USA, Russia has bared its plan to create three new military divisions on top of the country’s plan to bring at least five new nuclear missile regiments, which will be strategically located in vital locations. This came after NATO announced its plan to rotate four more battalions in NATO member states in Eastern Europe.

No To Arms Race

Grushko, however, was quick to add that Russia is not interested in confrontation, which could lead to an arms race. According to the diplomat, the deployment of 30,000 soldiers is only one of the many measures that Russia is ready and capable of doing in protecting its interests.

“As of today, our armed forces, our military technical potential make it possible for us to choose various military technical ways to ensure security and not fall into an arms race spiral. Our interests will be reliably protected,” Grushko was quoted as saying by TASS.

3 Military Divisions

These new military divisions will be stationed in Rostov-on-Don, Smolensk, and Voronezh regions. Each division will have about 10,000 soldiers deployed in rotation. It added that instead of creating security [in the region], NATO has been creating division lines within the region.

“It is evident that NATO’s enlargement has not improved but has worsened Russia’s relations with the countries that have joined the alliance,” Grushko added.

Meanwhile, two days before Russia announced its plan to augment three more military divisions to counter NATO’s expansion, the alliance earlier issued a statement that any attack directed against its ally is an attack against the entire alliance.

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